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août 21, 2014

The Odyssey 7 and Odyssey 7Q are 7,7’’ OLED monitors are recorders (Apple ProRes 422), playback unit and HDMI-SDI converter.  They offer extensive monitoring tools such as Focus Assist, Zebra, False color, Waveform, Image Flip, LUT et Output Tools to External Monitor.  The recorder uses one or two 2,5’’ SSD (256GB or 512GB).

The odyssey 7Q has two SSD slots for a possible capacity of 1 TB, two bi-directional HD-SDI I/O and can record in Uncompress DPX (2K/HD 12 bit/10 bit 444 RGB 30p).  Records Options for this model : RAW, 2K RAW et 4K RAW.

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