Goods return policy

Policy concerning the demand for return of merchandise
  • Sono Vidéo  must subject itself to the policy of the dealer before confirming the approval for the return of the goods(RMA) *(See  the chart below)
  • The manufacture or the distributor and Sono Vidéo reserve the right to refuse any return of goods.
   Note:         Each situation is taken into consideration and should be submitted for analys.


*Restocking policy for merchandise in brand new condition
Type of merchandise %
Consumer products No return
Computers components No return
Softwares No return
Medical equipment No return
Parts No return
Cables No return
Recording media No return
Any special order No return
Excluding all taxes


Damage and responsibility at the reception of merchandise
  • The customer must sign at the reception of merchandise, in order to confirm the state of packing and to point out any anomaly to the carrier.


Acceptance terms (Must be in new condition)
  • The customer must obtain from Sono Video a number authorization (RMA) , to turn over the merchandise in the contrary case, i t will be refuse and turn over to the shipper
  • The customer has 10 days, after receiving is authorization number (RMA) to return the merchandise
  • The customer must return the goods in its original packing
  • The customer is responsible for the shipping and handling  fees incurred and for the return of goods to our warehouse , including transport for repair under warranty
  • The customer is responsible to pay the taxes (GST & TPS) on the restocking and handling fees.


Procedures for returns of goods
  • Sono Vidéo will proceed, upon reception of goods, with a physical and technical inspection of the material in order to determine the restocking fees.
  • Sono Vidéo will inform the client of the associates cost, depending on the result of the inspection


Faulty goods received or sent by mistake
  • Sono Vidéo discharges the client of all responsibilities in regards to fees incurred for goods returned due to defective merchandise received or sent by mistake to the customer by Sono Vidéo Inc.


Policy of warranty
  • See the manufacturer’s website


Lap top computers 1.65$
Desk top computers 7.50$
Peripherals of computer 1.25$
Devices of display < 29″ 12.25$
Divices of display > 29″ 42.50$
High intensity discharged lamp 1.10$
Personal/Portable Audio/Video Systems 0.45$
Non-Portable Audio/Video Systems 3.75$
Home Theatre in a box 7.25$


*** The eco-fees are a governmental policy and are subject to changes without notice.