Service policy warranty

Sono Vidéo represents different manufacturers as a certified reseller and as the clients’ first line of support.

The service policy, which applies to all equipment sold by Sono Vidéo, is limited to a first diagnosis, whether the product can be repaired by Sono Video’s technicians or returned to the different manufacturers or to redirect the customer to an authorized service center.

Repairs, parts and labour accomplished by Sono Vidéo’s Service Department are guarantied for 90 days, except when the manufacturer would have notified the customer by writing of the contrary.

Sono Vidéo will not be responsible for any incurred expenses due to misuse, namely: Service calls, transportation fees, loan of equipment, customs, parts not warranted, or the manufacturer rejecting the cost of repair due to misuse.

Sono Vidéo has a 90 day warranty liability for all installations, whether it be done by its personnel or its subcontractors. However, this warranty is limited to the work and operation related to the installation and does not include the equipment (Refer to the individual policies of the different manufacturers for more details).

Sono Vidéo, in collaboration with its manufacturing partners, may offer to its customers the alternative of an increased service through a customized service contract.

Discount (50%) policy on rentals during repairs: When a customer uses Sono Vidéo’s technical services for a repair, the customer may claim a 50% discount on the cost of renting an equivalent unit, limited to the duration of the repair and according to the prices in effect in the “Tarif de location”. However, Sono Vidéo cannot guarantee the availability of equipment unless the customer has made arrangements beforehand.

Preventive maintenance agreement plans pdf